District Education Department, Phek.

The District Education Officer is the head of the education department in the district. There are four sub-division offices namely: Phek, Meluri, Chozuba and Pfutsero, functioning under District Education Officer Phek.

The following are the member of schools:

  1. GHSS – 04
  2. GHS – 39
  3. GMS – 82 
  4. GPS – 145 

The department has identified some of the important challenges faced by the department and incorporated in the vision 2022 as a target to achieve them.


  1. Infrastructure: Many schools in the district do not have good building and other amenities.
  2. Textbook: delayed distribution of text books.
  3. Computer education: Lack of computer in the schools.
  4. Rationalization of teachers: Distribution of teachers not according to number of class.
  5. Untrained teachers: Low percentage of trained teachers.
  6. Improper functioning of SMC: Many SMCs are not functioning properly.

The department aims to achieve the above listed challenges under the vision 2022.

  1. Under SSA and RMSA scheme, fund have been provided for construction of school building, toilet, drinking water facility ect. Where many schools have been covered. The uncovered schools will be covered by 2022.
  2. The department plan to provide text book before the commencement of academic session in future.
  3. The uncovered GMS will be provided computer within 2022. The department of the district level shall pursue with concern authority to provide computer even in GPS.
  4. Rationalization of teachers will be done on the basis of class room which will be pursued by the department.
  5. The department has opened the avenue to all untrained teachers to get trained before March 2019. As such, all untrained teachers will trained within 2022.
  6. The department will ensure for effective functioning SMCs in the district.

With the above mentioned visions, the education department is committed to achieve our vision within the stipulated period by sincerely pursuing the matter with the higher authority for realization of the vision.

Officers Under Phek District.

Sl No Designation Name Contact  Email
1 District Education Officer Kedokolie 9436075189