About District

Phek is a District which lies on the South – Eastern part of Nagaland, bounded by Mynmar in the east, Zunaboto and Kiphire in the North, Manipur in the South and kohima in the West. It has an area of 2,026 square kilometer (Approximately) and a population of 163,418 of which male and female were 83,743 and 79,675 respectively in 2011census. It is situated at a distance of 145 km. from state capital of kohima to the District Headquareter with an altitude of 1524 meters. Position in relation to longitude and latitude of the district are as Longitude: 940- 35’- 18” to 940- 38’-09” E, and Latitude : 250 -37’-37” to 250-39’-47” N. The district HQ town of Phek lies at the lowest altitude of the district at 1,524m above sea level, with the village of Pfutsero Town at the highest point of 2,136m above sea level.

The National Highway No.150 crosses certain part of the District from Kohima to Jessami (under Manipur, on the way to Meluri) and N.H.155 from Jessami to Tuensang via Meluri, Akhegwo and Kiphire.

Weziho Cement Factory is the only Cement factory in the State under Meluri Sub-Division, which can produce 150 TPD. The District is regarded as the richest areas of mineral deposits such as limestone, Decorative marble stone, Crystallized, Coal, Brine, Salt etc.

Phek is a hilly district rich in flora and fauna. There are three important rivers namely Tizu, Lanye, and Sedzu. Three important lakes called Shilloi, Chida and Dzudu, and some important hill called Zanibou and Kapamodzu.