The Veterinary & Animal Husbandary department for Phek district was under the administrative control of District Veterinary Officer (DVO), Kohima till the last half of 1981 and was established at Phek district headquarter only in July 1981. DVO as the administrative head of the department, it extend veterinary health coverage services to the rural people, technical know how to the farmers to improve Livestocks and poultry production to uplift the rural economy.The department also conduct Livestock census in the district.

At present the departmental institutions in the district are as follows :

1.Subordinate office (DVO Office)    -- 1(one).
2.Veterinary dispensary -- 4(four).
3.Veterinary outpost -- 4(Four).
4.Stockman Center -- 4(Four).
5.Artificial insemination center -- 1(One).
6.Quarantine check post -- 1(One).
7.Pig Breeding Center -- 2(Two).
8.Bull Calf rearing center -- 1(One).

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