Phek is blessed with evergreen sub-tropical and temperate coniferious forests which supports a myraid of flora and fuana. The Geological Survey of Nagaland reports that there is one millon tonnes of reserved limestone at Wazeho, decorative and dimensional stones, coal in Akhegwo, Yesi, and Molen.

Brine is also found in Meluri sub-division in the district.This locally baked salt,as per medical experts, are goiter free and good for health).

Crystalline limestone is also to be found in Moke and Satuza. Iron Chromium, Nickel, Cobalt, Copper, Molybedenum, Chromite, Magnesite, asbestos, talc, marble are also some of the mineral deposits found in the district.
Presently, the State's only Cement factory in Weziho (Meluri sub-division) is producing 100 TPD, also, there at Weziho, a Decorative Stone Factory has been inaugurated recently. Home