The Block with its head office (BDO's Office ) in Pfutsero town comprises of 19 villages.This block headquarter, Pfutsero town situated 2133.60 metres above sea level is the highest town in Nagaland.

The population of this block is 32,014 (Census 2001, Provisional) comprising of the Chakhesang tribe. The spoken language is "Khezha " and "Chokri". The main festivals in this block are "Sukrunyi" celebrated by the Chokri community on 15th January and "Tsukhenyie" celebrated by the Khezha community on 6th May.

Climatic is cold through most part of the year. Agriculture, the main occupation of the people of this Block. Rice (Terrace Rice Cultivation ) is the main crop cultivated.

Some Places of interest in this block are:
Glory Peak in Pfutsero town. From this peak one could see the Mt. Himalaya and its range the Saramati also many towns and parts of Zunheboto,Tuensang and Kohima district could be seen.

World War -II Japanese Cave which is about 3 Kms. from Pfutsero town.

Leshemi Village : The oldest village of this block situated 12 Kms away from the block headquarter, Pfutsero.Recently, the Department of History and Archaeology, Nagaland University, discovered a Neolithic and Megalithic tradition at this village.According to Archaeologist, this Neolithic tradition belongs to Circa 4000-2500 B.B. in European context.

Miracle Cave: It exist in Chobama village which is about 8Kms. from Pfutsero town. COMMUNICATION : Bus and Taxi services are available connecting the block headquarter with the district headquarter, Phek (75 Kms. )and the State capital (70 Kms.).

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