The Block with its head office (BDO's Office ) situated in Meluri town which is also the Sub-divisional headquarter comprises of 28 (Govt. recognised) villages.

The inhabitants of this block are the Pochury tribes and the spoken language is "Pochury". Yemshe the main festival of the Pochury's is celebrated on 5th of October.

Climatic condition is cold in winter (10-15 centigrade) and warm during summer (25 centigrade). Agriculture, the main occupation of the people of this Block. Rice (Terrace Rice Cultivation ) is the main crop cultivated.

This block is bestowed with abundant natural and mineral resources. Decorative and dimensional stones,coal,Brine, Crystalline limestone,Iron Chromium, Nickel, Cobalt, Copper, Molybedenum, Chromite, Magnesite, asbestos, talc, marble.
Presently, the State's only Cement factory in Weziho is in this block and is producing 100 TPD, also, there at Weziho, a Decorative Stone Factory has been inaugurated recently.

COMMUNICATION : Bus and Taxi services are available connecting the block headquarter,Phek and the State capital.

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