The department in the district headed by District Fishery Officer(DFO), undertakes fishery related developmental activities. Some of the activities carried out are as Follows :

1.Fish seeds supply:The department supply fingerlings to interested fish farmers in the district at subsidised rate.

2.Selection of beneficiaries:The scheme implementing officer make selection baising on compact area approach in the potential area as far as practicable to the deserving beneficiaries.

3.Quarterly/annual progress report:The quarterly/annual progress report indicating physical and financial achievements are furnished regularly in the prescribed proforma and communicated to the government.

4. Funding pattern:Expenditures in all developmental activities of the departmentis shared on 75:25 basis between GOI and State government. The GOI 's share is in the form of grant-in-aid as per the approved norms.

5.Subsidy:The beneficiaries are given subsidy on all developmental works,like new pond construction. pld pond repairing, integrated culture, seed supply,etc.

6.Extension and Training:The department conduct area wise training on fish culture education, farmers tour, media, booklets, guidances, etc.

7.Development of natural water sources:The department tries to control and reserve the rivers, streams and lakes specially the indigenous fish Mahsaer.

Status in the District:(source - District plan 2002-03)
        a). No. of fish farmers     : 11,000.
        b). Type of fish culture    : Paddy-Cum-fish culture (90%).
        c). Area under fish culture : 60.00 Hac.
        d). Rivers/streams          : 124 Kms. (625 ha).
        e). Lake                    : 110 ( 3.5 ha utilised).
        f). Fish production         : 155 M.I.
        g). Seeds production        : 1.10 millions.

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