The department has the organisationnal set-up in the district under the administrative control of the District Agricultural Officer (DAO) with three Sub-Divisional Agricultural Officers (SDAO) in three sub-divisions.

Departmental activities & on going schemes:
1.Improved seeds : Under this scheme, certified and high yielding seeds of potato, wheat and barley were procured and distributed to the progressive farmers. Wheat is doing well throughout the district.
2.Manure & Fertilizer: This scheme provide Bio-fertilizer, demonstration and farmers training on compost pit, green manuring.
3.P.P.Chemicals & Equipment : Plant Protection Chemicals and sprayers were procured centrally and issued to th farmers on subsidized rate.
4.Agriculture Machineries : Machineries like power tiller and pumping set were arranged under the scheme and distributed to the farmers on 50% subsidized rate.
5.Training visit : Fortnightly, training and visit are conducted with field functionaries for collection of feedback.
6.Exhibition & Publicity : Agricultural products are exhibited on Republic & Independence days.
7.Follow up Year of Rice and Maize :Under this scheme, high yielding and local promising varities of paddy and maize were distributed free of cost to the farmers. the district expect to produce about 1000 Metric tonnes of surplus maize and 812 metric tonnes of rice during the year as per the crop assesment.
8.Agriculture link road: Seven (7) numbers of agricultural link road has been taken up covering 11 villages in the district. In total, 40Kms. of land road has been completed so far and about 2000 numbers of farming household were benefited out of these roads.
Centrally sponsored schemes:
1.Oil Seed Production Programme (OPP): Under this scheme, trial and demonstration were conducted with oil seeds such as soya bean,ground nut, sunflower and mustard and is confirmed that, all crops have done well
2.National Pulse Development Programme(NPDP):Under this scheme the farmers are distributed with pulses such as pea,kolar bean, cow pea, Black Gram, etc. Kolar bean and Pea have performed well under local production.
3.Marketing: The department assisted farmers for transportation of about 30 MT of cabbage, 15MT of potato and 200MT of surplus maize to Dimapur market by way of providing conveyance and market outlet during the year.
4.National Watershed Development Project in Rain fed Area(NWDPRA):This project deals with the micro-water shed and is diversified scheme. During IX Plan period, 10 numbers of NWDPRA projects were implemented successfully. The economy of the people of the project areas has been boosted up to a great extend by sustainable development. The district will be implementing another 11 numbers of micro-water shed during the X Plan period.

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